Install Windows Live Messenger 2009 from .msi files


Windows Live Messenger 2009 (aka. build 14.0.8089.726, aka. the final release of beta 9) is normally installed by downloading a downloader/installer called wlsetup-web.exe.

The installer does not support Windows Server 2003 or XP Professional x64 Edition (the 64-bit version of XP).  It also requires Internet access, and it installs a lot of other software which you may consider unnecessary or just annoying.


  1. At the time of writing, Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8089.726 can be downloaded from:

  2. These two .cab files must be extracted (eg. with 7-Zip).  The first one contains a file Messenger.msi, 25240576 bytes:


  3. …and the other .cab file contains Contacts.msi, 964608 bytes:


  4. Now that you’ve extracted Messenger.msi and Contacts.msi, right-click on each of the files and select the Install option.  The installers will not ask any questions, they will simply close when completed;  it might be finished faster than you expect.  Then simply start Windows Live Messenger from your Start → Programs menu.

Be warned that it is essential to install the Contacts.msi file;  otherwise you will just receive an error 80040154 immediately when you click the Sign In button, but it won’t attempt to connect to MSN’s servers at all.