Embedded MP3 player


The XSPF Web Music Player is a player of MP3s and other music files, created with Adobe Flash so it can be embedded into a webpage.  This page briefly explains how to embed the player into a webpage to play a single MP3 file (e.g. background music) while the page is viewed.


The player should appear directly below this text.  If it does not, it is possible that your browser does not support Adobe Flash.

HTML code


  1. Download xspf_player_slim.swf and upload it to your website.

  2. Copy the HTML above into your webpage.

  3. You need to upload your song, and either:  name the file song.mp3, or change the HTML code, replacing song.mp3 to whatever your MP3 file is named (in both places where it is mentioned in the code).

  4. Change Song%20Title%20Goes%20Here to the title you want to show for the song (in both places where it is mentioned in the code).  You should replace any spaces in the title with %20.

Further information

The HTML code offered in this page for embedding the music player is fully compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict.  Be aware that some visitors to your webpage may be unable to view Adobe Flash content such as this music player.  However, this method should still be preferred over the use of <embed> which is not standardised HTML.

The player's parameters are explained in much more detail in the official documentation.